These are all the Changes that I have done so far to fit my campaign, it will include some name changes, new Lore-sheets, and description of new Martial Arts.

Martial Art style.

Hakkyokuseiken: (Boundless Prosperity Manual)

  • Hakkyokuseiken is an ancient kung fu style and it is recorded in an ancient scroll, which is passed down from master to chosen disciple and so on. Not all the techniques of this martial art are recorded in the scroll, the final techniques are taught directly by master to student. Hakkyokuseiken expects its students to be not only of powerful and skilled physical prowess but of strong mind, positive discipline and also good natured, not controlled by any negative emotions. The scrolls that have the art of Hakkyokuseiken recorded in them are apparently split in three different scrolls, the first part of the scroll contains the fighting techniques of Hakkyokuseiken, such as energy channeling and combat arts. Second scroll is to do with recuperation, which heals the fighter and also makes them physically stronger the thirs scroll is but a Myth. The legend says that whoever possess all tree part of the scroll will learn the secret of immortality.

Natural Born Brawler: (blossom Harvest)

  • Has no formal training, he learnt how to fight in the hard way on the streets and he is just naturally good at bashing heads and looking cool doing it. (we using blossom harvest to simulate it)

Koppou Ken (Ravenous Wing)

  • It is a method of fighting that specializes in the control and destruction of bone and cartilage using a Frontal approach. It is commonly considered a hard style, and Legend claims it was invented by the kappa, who excel at this discipline. Lots of people says It is the world’s finest hand-to-hand technique, and the one who wields it is as sharp as a razor blade.


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