Formless Technique

Winter Retaliation
Level 4 Formless

When you use a technique that allow you a freezing effect you can instead add its bonus to your strike and ripple rolls. The attack doesn’t ignore armor but may deal freezing effect.

I’m Blizzard
Level 3 formless
When you use a technique that allow you a freezing effect, you can flood 1 die and that that effect become an area attack.

Spiral wave Blow
Level 5 (corrupt) Formless
this Horrifying attack, it belong to an ancient and cruel fighting style. Developed to attack well armed and powerful enemy. it twist and squeeze up the entrails pushing them out of the body, from the victim mouth.

  • If the attack hit, you generate a disrupt condition using the same roll without needing a marvel.
  • if you inflict a ripple, opponents can’t use action to focus on breath and recover 2 fewer chi point of any kind till the end of your next round.

Suction Palm Strike
Formless Technique (Corrupt). 5

  • Ignore chi armor
  • If it trigger a ripple roll it flush away all the opponent River.
  • Disrupt condition with a single set.

Formless Technique

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