Orochi Style

Fangs Of Orochi.

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The Fangs of Orochi is an ancient martial arts, is a style developed thousands of years a go inside the Arekuuru Clan , it is a violent offensive style that use strikes brought with hand shaped as claws. It is a style born to face real danger even during training. and so the students used to use their instincts to fight as well.

The Fangs of Orochi is a combat style developed to survive a fight and to end it as fast as possible
It laugh to rigid and traditional styles, and style that relay on pattern and stances to fight

It’s a unarmed only combat stile and it show the best when he can grasp the target under his claws and so it fear style that use ranged attack, and avoid close combat, fast combat style and that are subtle in nature.

Speed: +5
Footwork: +5
Strike: +10
Damage: +5
Block: +5
Toughness: +5

Orochi Eight headed snake fangs(5)
This is the trademark of Arekuuru Clan , Rip into enemies flesh and leave them bleeding in their wake. Physical injury condition are considered a level Higher, trivial -5, minor-10 , great -15

108 shiiki 8 maidens (5)
You attack with the abandon of a wild beast your style damage increase to +10

Lily’s Cage, (5)
Your training mixed with your instinct take you away from trouble most of the time.
your style footwork goes to +10

108 shiki 8 bottle of sake (5)
Never show mercy for no one, cause mercy leads to defeat.
against a character with a minor or major injury condition this fighting style strike goes up to +15

Orochi Style

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